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Investing in the future of volunteering

Today Volunteering ACT in partnership with Volunteering Australia launched a set of resources titled Fostering a Culture of Giving > Volunteering and the Australian Curriculum to kick off the third annual National Student Volunteer Week.

The June release of the ABS General Social Survey data highlighted the changing nature of volunteering in Australia and for the first time a decline in volunteering rates.

Engaging young people in meaningful volunteer work is a key priority for the volunteering sector at a national and local level to combat these declining figures.

‘The aspiration of making volunteering a norm in society starts with our youth, and the education system is the perfect avenue to embed this concept through practical experience and by ingraining it into everyday learning’ said Maureen Cane, CEO, Volunteering ACT.

The suite of resources is a follow up product to Volunteering ACT’s targeted youth research report Promoting Youth Engagement and Wellbeing Through Student Volunteer Programs in ACT Schools. This research showed that schools would welcome guidance in fostering a culture of giving and in increasing the number and diversity of volunteering opportunities for their students.

Brett Williamson OAM, CEO, Volunteering Australia was delighted to launch these resources at a local ACT Primary School saying ‘Australia’s strong tradition of volunteering must continue to be promoted and strengthened in an ever-changing world. Opening up opportunities in the mainstream school setting for all young Australians to learn about volunteering and to embrace a culture of giving, has the potential to set patterns for lifetime fulfilment, community connection and better health.’

These resources are practical teaching aids for use as part of mainstream teaching programs. They are:

  • based on the ground-up knowledge and experience of teachers and volunteering sector experts
  • a demonstration of how volunteering concepts, data and practices fit into the Australian Curriculum
  • applicable across Australia and accessible to all teachers via electronic download.

To access the resources go to the Volunteering Australia Website