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What else is on during NSVW?

What else is on during NSVW?

The National Student Volunteer Week team is getting excited for this year’s events. We would love to spread the word about the many other amazing events and non-profit days which are going to be taking place the same time as #NSVW18.


National Science Week

Right here in Australia, National Science Week will be happening from 11 - 19 August, and will include loads of awesome events from museum tours to discovery centres to demonstrations… there’s definitely an opportunity to get involved in everything science! There are also loads of museums taking part in National Science Week that need help showing those keen scientists around, and as National Students Volunteer Week participants, we know you could make a significant contribution to the smooth running of events. This is an excellent opportunity for all those citizen scientists out there! See what public events are being held around your area which you may be able to volunteer at. For more information visit their website scienceweek.net.au


MS Readathon

The MS Readathon is a fantastic opportunity to put your volunteering skills into practice! The MS Readathon runs from 1 - 31 August and aims to get kids to read as many books as they can to help those affect by multiple sclerosis. When National Student Volunteer Week is in full swing, you could offer to help any kids you know taking part in the MS Readathon by helping them record what they read; inspiring and encouraging them to help a good cause!


Social Security Day

When someone turns a bad page in their book – a little help goes a long way. Held on 14 August, Social Security Day celebrates unity within your community. A simple yet effective way to participate in Social Security Day is to help out members of society going through unfortunate times by holding a big heart-warming meal large enough for plenty! Smaller events such as helping the elderly with gardening or pop-up-op-shops where proceeds are donated to the homeless are also great ideas to help bring good into your community.


Now let’s go international!


United Nations

The United Nations focuses on helping those all around the world and there is one particular day you can get involved in during NSVW 2018 to make a difference. On 12 August the UN is hosting International Youth Day which celebrates the contributions of young people in preventing conflict and creating sustainable peace. This year’s theme is ‘Safe Space’, and we encourage you as student volunteers to make a change by getting involved in this day! You can volunteer in youth homelessness programs or volunteer your time by helping out in youth art or culture programs. Even just checking up on a friend and seeing how they are doing mentally and physically by creating a safe space for them is a fantastic day you can support International Youth Day whilst also taking part in National Student Volunteer Week!


International Homeless Animals Day

Over 137,000 animals were received by the RSPCA in 2015-2016 alone. Each year, hundreds of dogs, cats, and other animals big and small are abandoned or surrendered, left to rely on charities and goodwill. Although International Homeless Animals Day is officially on 20 August, you can tailor your event during National Student Volunteer Week to contribute to the cause. Educating people about pet neutering, abandonment, and feral animals can significantly help reduce the overall rate of pet admissions to animal charity organisations.


World Humanitarian Day

Dedicated to recognising and celebrating those who have unfortunately given their lives working for humanitarian causes, World Humanitarian Day on 19 August can be celebrated by continuing on with the spirit of those lost. Find a way to volunteer at nationalstudentvolunteerweek.org.au/resources/find-a-volunteer-role 


Get involved!

Don’t hesitate to chat with our friendly team about how you can incorporate some of these great events into your own unique activity during National Student Volunteer Week!

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