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  • Connect with causes

    Every state and territory in Australia has volunteering peak bodies that offer students an easy way to search for volunteer roles. Linking students to these bodies will help them explore more about volunteering.

    Help us build the next generation of volunteers and ensure the volunteer movement remains strong.

  • Education

    Have students learn through discussions, open forums, networking and from guest presenters.

  • Fundraisers

    Easy and unique ways to fund a cause of your choice.

  • Fundraisers

    A charity run is not only a healthy way for your students to raise money for a good cause, but also a very visible way of publicising your chosen charitable cause to the community. 

  • Micro-volunteering days

    It doesn't have to take a long time to make an impact. Education providers can organise small increments of time where students can come along, help with various causes and get a taste for volunteering.

  • Moving beyond traditional practices

    Young people have the skills, spirit and creativity to make a positive impact in communities. However, all too often this opportunity is missed because of organisational barriers.

  • Networking

    In areas with lots of young students, networking events are a popular way to make business connections.

  • Organisations led by young people

    This Volunteering Queensland report outlines the findings of their initial stage of the research project Youth Leading Youth, as part of their innovative engagement work.

  • Out and about

    Celebrate the beautiful outdoors and each other, with these exciting ideas.

  • Recognition events

    Recognition events are a great way to celebrate the achievements of student volunteers and those who support them.

  • Share key messages

    Online communication (social media, blogs, your website or direct email) is an effective way to reach students.

  • Student volunteering awards

    Acknowledge the incredible work of all volunteers.

  • Videos

    If you like to get creative, why not release a short video for NSVW? Film is a great way to profile your programs. Showcase how your institution is engaging and motivating students to participate in volunteering.

  • Viral challenges

    Ideas also need to be engaging enough to get people involved, and quickly.

  • Volunteering programs

    A structured program reveals to students the various aspects of volunteering and creates a holistic view for community involvement.