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  • #NSVW13

    See what happened during 2013's National Student Volunteer Week!

  • #NSVW14

    See what happened during 2014's National Student Volunteer Week!

  • #NSVW15

    See what happened during 2015's National Student Volunteer Week!

  • #NSVW16

    Experience what happened during 2016's National Student Volunteer Week!

  • #NSVW17

    Take your seats, buckle in, and lets take a trip down National Student Volunteer Week 2017!

  • #NSVW18

    We are proud to announce this year we have had the most universities involved in NSVW! See what happened during the week! 

  • #NSVW19

    Thank you to 29 universities across the country who all came together for NSVW 2019 to recognise the efforts of many amazing student volunteers.

  • #NSVW21

    Thank you to all the schools and not for profit organisations that got into the spirit of #NSVW21 across Australia! 

  • #NSVW22

    On behalf of #NSVW22, we would like to thank the amazing education providers, thousands of amazing students and countless community organisations - with your participation, #NSVW22 was a success!

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