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10 great event ideas for NSVW 2019

10 great event ideas for NSVW 2019

The National Student Volunteer Week team is in full swing preparing for this year’s week of activities running right across Australia! Over our 7 years lots of amazing events have been run and for those who may be a little short of ideas for events we’ve got some good news for you! Below are 10 meaningful ideas of events and activities that you can hold to be part of NSVW and make a difference in your community:

  1. Hold ‘drop-in’ sessions or information stalls run by the careers department, student engagement, or student leaders. Interested students can stop by with questions about volunteering or get assistance finding the right opportunity for them.
  2. Facilitate a volunteering workshop for students (e.g. ‘Volunteering 101: How to get involved'). Invite nonprofits to come and present alongside you. Hold a good old Q&A afterwards so students get the most from the session.
  3. Run micro-volunteering activities on campus such as putting together care packs for people experiencing homelessness or making fun decorations for festivals.
  4. Hold volunteering activities off campus such as gardening, tree-planting or helping the welfare of injured animals. Make it a volunteering come and try day.
  5. Put on a Volunteer Expo so that students can meet wonderful non-profits and access a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in one location. This can be in-person or online.
  6. Invite student volunteers for a celebratory recognition event. This is particularly suited for students who volunteer with your institution (e.g. peer mentors, event volunteers, student ambassadors). You might like to hold a formal awards ceremony or informally treat them with an outing to the movies.
  7. Theme social media posts during the week to reflect a focus on volunteering (e.g. resume building, opportunities on and off campus, creating change).
  8. Post student volunteering photos and videos online. It’s time to tell the stories of your student volunteering super-stars.
  9. Organise a fundraiser to support a great cause. You can sell cupcakes, hold a trivia night, or run a pop-up op shop to raise much-needed funds.
  10. For even more ideas visit the events page of our website.

As you can see there are many big and small, but significant ways for you to join in the celebration and promote student volunteering with us this NSVW. Please chat with our friendly team about how you would like to be involved on (07) 3002 7617 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Do you have a NSVW event planned? Yes, well done, please make sure you register it so we can promote it on our website and in our communications.