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Latest news & our volunteering musings

We are proud to announce this year we have had the most universities involved in NSVW! See what happened during the week! 

Check out what other community events will be happening across Australia and around the world when NSVW 2018 will be in full swing this August!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you as a university, high school or education provider could provide your students lots of meaningful experiences, valuable relationships and essential skills? Watch now!

The UN SDGs strive to achieve the end of poverty, economic prosperity, social inclusion, environmental sustainable, and peace and good governance to all countries by 2030. 

Take your seats, buckle in, and lets take a trip down National Student Volunteer Week 2017!

Experience what happened during 2016's National Student Volunteer Week!

Murdoch University, Volunteering Australia, Volunteering WA and other supporters have released a set of good practice guides for students, unis and host organisations.

See what happened during 2015's National Student Volunteer Week!