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NSVW2021 Media Release

Education providers, volunteer organisations and students across the country will participate in National Student Volunteer Week 2021 by getting involved at their local community level to celebrate and promote volunteering, hosting events, awards and training sessions, as well as taking part in volunteering activities. 

Coordinated and delivered nationally by Volunteering Queensland since 2013 and supported by Volunteering Australia and all State and Territory Peak volunteering bodies, National Student Volunteer Week 2021 (#NSVW21) acknowledges and celebrates student volunteers and promotes volunteering to students and young people across Australia. 

National Student Volunteer Week 9 – 15 August 2021 

Mara Basanovic, CEO of Volunteering Queensland stated that “National Student Volunteer Week highlights the enormous and diverse contribution students, and more broadly all young volunteers make to our community. Young people are a strong and enthusiastic cohort of volunteers who through their passion, innovation and drive open new models for volunteering. Their genuine concern for others and the environment, and unsurpassed energy and willingness to explore and embrace technology have opened exciting new possibilities for volunteering.”  

She went on to say “Alongside all that young people bring to our community through their spirit of giving and sharing, the week brings to light the fact that volunteering is a powerful pathway to inclusion, connection, and employment. Through volunteering young people are able to participate in myriad opportunities that provide them with strong foundation for future leadership and civic engagement roles.”  

This year, universities, schools, and volunteering organisations have registered activities across the nation, many of which are virtual due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. These activities include the National Student Volunteer Week Round Table, Tobi Johnson Volunteer Management Masterclass, Volunteer Expo’s and student recognition events, and several student led activities.  


An online discussion exploring student volunteerism and the future direction of National Student Volunteer Week.   


Students are encouraged to create, participate in and share their own activities. These activities are promoted nationally by the Volunteering Peak Body Network.    

On campus and online events, where COVID-19 restrictions allow. These include seminars, training, celebrations, volunteering expos, volunteering activities, round table discussions, panel discussions and more.   


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We are the state peak body we are solely dedicated to advancing and promoting volunteering for the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Queensland.  

Our work is vital to ensuring volunteer-involving organisations can engage, manage and retain the strong, effective volunteer workforce necessary to advance their mission and cause. We support volunteer participation that is inclusive, transformative, flexible and meaningful. We inform policy, good practice, research and development, regulation and decision-making that supports the sustainability and advancement of volunteering.  

We actively campaign that investing in volunteering is fundamental to the continued prosperity of Queensland. The volunteering industry is a vital force that fuels the economy, connects and enriches the lives of Queenslanders, builds social and cultural value, and protects the environment.  

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