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National Round Table Discussion


Seeking voices of Australian students to guide the future of National Student Volunteer Week.

Tuesday 10 August 2021
11:00am - 13:00pm

During National Student Volunteer Week 2021 we are seeking the contribution of students to discuss and drive the future of the week-long celebrations. 

You are invited to register to become a panel member of the 2021 Student Round Table Discussion on Volunteering. You must be a Student of a University currently studying in Australia to register. 

We are seeking up to 15 participants. 

Should you miss out on being a panel member, you will still be asked to complete a survey before the day to help guide discussions.

During this 120 minute online discussion, we will explore ideas to determine the future and the direction of National Student Volunteer Week. 

Some of the questions will include:

  1. As a student, which on-campus or off-campus activities do you see as student volunteering?
  2. As Universities begin to return to normalcy, how can we reinvigorate volunteering? 
  3. How do you envision volunteering at Universities changing should the pandemic keep study at home?
  4. Recognising that societies and guilds are by and large popular student volunteering activities, how can we support organisations such as guilds and societies to provide a robust experience for students? How do we formalise and support the practices within these organisations allowing students to obtain skills to take to the real world? 
  5. What other types of volunteering appeal to you as a student? For instance, an internship is not considered volunteering, however, some work experience within your field of study is regarded as an essential part of the learning experience. How can organisations support students in this?
  6. What do you see as the barriers to volunteering as a student? Be it time, accessibility, organisational fit and culture?

From there, we will move into the future of National Student Volunteering Week. Realising that students are motivated, brilliant and filled with inspiring ideas, we wish to gain their insight into National Student Volunteer Week.

  • What is the value of National Student Volunteer Week (NSVW)?
  • What improvements can be made to the current NSVW? What is needed/ wanted? 
  • Governance/ management/ leadership structure and strategic/ creative direction of NSVW?
  • Should NSVW be student-led? How do you imagine this working?
  • Should NSVW come under the Volunteering Australia umbrella?
  • Is there value in building connections with jurisdictional volunteering peak bodies for NSVW and more generally for volunteering? What would be helpful here?  
  • Is the date suitable for unis? If not what are better dates?

We want to hear real-life volunteering experiences, the good and the bad. We will also explore the barriers and challenges faced by students today and into the future?




National Student Volunteer Week empowers students and young people to rise up and participate in their local communities. The connection gained provides students with a sense of belonging and ownership, whilst developing leadership and empathy skills.

Together, we aim to

  • Celebrate, promote and support student volunteering
  • Empowering young people to discuss and innovate their introduction to, and journey through volunteering
  • Strengthen relationships between the education, youth and non-profit sectors
  • Build a mighty new generation of volunteers to uplift our communities.


Celebrated around the world Student Volunteer Week is often owned and run by students with support from peak bodies and other volunteering organisations. 

https://www.studentvolunteeringnetwork.com/studentvolunteeringweek - UK

https://www.studentvolunteerweek.nz/ - New Zealand