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Victoria University - NSVW

Victoria University - NSVW

Victoria University has a number of great plans for NSVW:

1. Vollies Thank You Morning Tea

To recognise the great work of their current volunteers, Victoria University will hold a Thank You Morning Tea. They will provide morning tea and games for student volunteers to enjoy and catch up with each other. They will also print out a lot of pictures of students “in action” when volunteering, so that they can make a board that displays their great work.

2. Recruitment Activity

Victoria University will also use this opportunity to raise awareness of the importance/benefits of volunteering, and encourage more students to sign up to be a VU Vollie and a V4U Day volunteer. They will provide food, music, and entertainment, and their current volunteers will help them recruit more student volunteers.

3. Thank You

Victoria University will also do a Thank You post on their social media channels, and will send a Thank You letter through their newsletter.